Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Visual TODO

Note: This is little more than a brain dump at the moment. I have mulled it over a bit so it's beyond the "brainstorm" phase but it is far from a polished idea. I think it's a great idea so I want to post it up (even as raw as it is) so that I begin testing it.

I'm going to try a new strategy designed to make me more productive (especially with regard to house chores). I'm going to call it "visual todo". The idea is that I will integrate my camera into my todo list. First I will take "before" photos of whatever it is that I'm placing on my todo list, begin work on the task and take "after" photos once complete. If I'm unable to complete the task in a short period of time then I will take "status" photos instead. I also intend to ball up the entire process as a dumpstuffhere blog post so that I can better track what I am doing and (just as importantly) what I should doing. Let's see how it goes.

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